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Which Workshop Would You Like to Attend? (if you have more than one teacher attending - please indicate in the "any queries" box)
Both Workshops (discounted $255)
Both Workshops, Own Uke ($190)
Music in the Everyday Classroom (Whole Day $120)
Music in the Everyday Classroom (Half Day $70)
Ukulele Intensive (Whole Day $185)
Ukulele Intensive (Whole Day, Own Uke $125)
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Regional Workshops

Workshop Details

16th MAY (Ukulele)
and 23rd MAY (Music in Everyday) -- Bookings Below

Dates (Place to be confirmed in Karratha):

MAY 24th 
Friday (limited spots!) - School Workshops
MAY 25th Saturday - Music in the Everyday Classroom - 9.30am - 3.00pm
MAY 26th Sunday - Ukulele Intensive - 9.30am - 2.30pm
MAY 27th - Potential for Further School Workshops

Music touches every part of the known brain and it is amazing how a bit of intentional Music education every day can enhance a child’s learning in all areas of education. My aim is to make music accessible to every teacher - so you feel comfortable putting music into your classroom, and do it well. 

Putting Music into the Everyday Classroom (
5.5HOURS 9.30am-3.00pm)
Catered for Pre-K to Year 4 - including childcare centres - this PL is actually a combination of BOTH PDs I run in Perth. It will be a practical, hands-on experience that will give you NEW daily, short, simple ideas (not just the usual singing & dancing) that are easy to do and remember and, most importantly insert easily into your programs. It also gives you the why and what. Music impacts all areas of education including literacy and numeracy, physical education and The Arts. The quick ideas given at the PL focus on both self-generation and teacher-directed lessons. 

       Don't won't overwhelm you!  

This PL covers the basics of music as well as more advanced ideas for any level of expertise. Even if you have a music specialist in your school, you will benefit from learning the tips and tricks as Music is one of those subjects we gain more value from doing a little every day (like literacy, numeracy and physical movement!)

“Great fun, so much practical, useful information to re-inspire music education in our classrooms.” Deb

“Practical and engaging workshop for easy ideas to use in the classroom on a daily basis.” Ashleigh R., Swan Valley Anglican

Ukulele Intensive (FULL DAY 9.30am-2.30pm
Come and learn the basics to Ukulele in this interactive PL! This is open to anyone wanting to learn! Teachers, EA’s, childcare workers, parents – if you want to learn – come and see! We’ll learn some easy chords, find out how many songs you can actually play with those chords, learn different strumming techniques to make your songs sounds great and give you extra tips.

Whether you’re in the classroom, in a childcare environment or just want to play for your kids at home – music is amazing in any arena.

The workshop price includes a beautiful, great-sounding Ukulele with strap AND case PLUS an amazing tuner that clips onto your ukulele! If you already have a ukulele - let me know and I can give you an adjusted price. (I only charge what I pay for them.)

"I thoroughly enjoyed learning to play the ukulele. I arrived not being able to play a single song and I leave with the knowledge of how to tune the ukulele and being able to play a collection of songs. Thank you." Tracey P.

--> All workshops come with ticks against the teaching standards and curriculum, and a PL certificate for the day/s. 
--> I can only fly up if I have numbers - please register your interest even if the dates don’t work so I know how many would like to come.  
--> I am a single studio, meaning I don’t have government funding so I do need to charge for these workshops. I have lowered costs as much as I possibly can for the Pilbara region. 

1. Putting Music in the Everyday Classroom: $120
(INCLUDES BOTH workshops & handouts & packed full of information - usually $75 each)
OR Half Day PL (1 Session of Music in the Everyday Classroom): $70 

2. Ukulele Workshop: $185 (INCLUDING Ukuleletunerstrap & case plus handouts)
OR Ukuele Workshop (providing own ukulele): $125

3. BOTH Workshops: $255 ($50 discount for booking both)
INCLUDES two full day professional learning sessions, handouts, tips & songs PLUS a Ukulele with the strap & case & tuner 
OR BOTH Workshops (providing own Ukulele): $195

School Discounts - School discounts apply for schools that have 5 or more teachers attending.

**Please don’t let money be a factor - please talk to me if this is going to be a problem for your attendance so we can work something out - put a question in the “Any Queries” section above.

As a specialist music teacher of K-9, certified Simply Music Rhapsody teacher, licensed Simply Music teacher and running my own studio for the last 10 years, I have a wealth of knowledge at my fingertips. I was also an EA in Kindy for a year so I know just how hard it can be to fit the entire curriculum in to each day. My aim is to equip classroom teachers with enough knowledge to feel comfortable adding music into their daily routine.