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My name is Amy, and I've been running my own piano studio for 10 years, have been learning for 20, and I am now expanding it to be a complete music studio for all ages.

Personal Life

I am a mother to a gorgeous (currently) 19 month old little girl, wife to an amazing man, living in our small family home with our pup Maggie and cat Buffy. We've lived in Perth our whole lives and some of my favourite past-times include reading, coffee with friends and games!

I'm not your ordinary music teacher as I am both contemporary and classically trained, with a love for musicals and great appreciation for jazz. I am a WAAPA (Contemporary) graduate, as well as classically trained pianist and did AMEB exams to Level 6 when I was a teenager. I love to compose (write music) and have been doing so since I was 11 years old.

I am a classroom teacher, music specialist, and was teaching from Kindy to Year 9, including Ukulele before I went on maternity leave. I am also a certified Simply Music Rhapsody teacher (early childhood) and licensed Simply Music teacher (piano).

It basically means I’ve been doing music my whole life, absolutely love it and want to share that joy with you children (and you!) because it will help them express themselves and just generally have fun in a world full of demands!

--Amy Nicole

Director at Amy Nicole's Music Studio 
Simply Music Certified Teacher
Simply Music Rhapsody Licensed Teacher
Music Specialist (Classroom)
Advanced Diploma of Contemporary Music (WAAPA)
Early Childhood Education Assistant (Cert IV)



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