Kids Make Music

for Kidlets 2, 3, 4 & 5 Years old

Designed for our young kids (2-5 year olds) these classes are made to engage your child with different styles of music in all different ways. We understand that just like toddlers, kids just want to MOVE so we keep them busy with puppets, songs, stories and most of all - MUSIC - all the while educating!

WHAT we do in class

Music stimulates all areas of the known brain and in these classes we specifically work with:

- ensemble work (working together to create music) using percussion & Orff Instruments
- teaching to match pitch (helping their singing!) & creating their own sounds
- timing in music
- recognizing chord changes and different instruments
- form of music
- using rhythmic language (e.g. tremolo and tempo) as a pre-cursor to reading music.
- musical concepts of soft/loud, high/low and slow/fast
- freedom of expression and so much more.

We also teach not only babies, but all children that their contribution is valuable in class, be it a noise, a sound, or part of a song.

Kids make music continues into Big Kids make music. These aren't one-off classes, this is a program designed to follow on through their years and eventually encouraging children to learn the piano with Simply Music (see piano lessons).

If you want your child to be good at sports; you teach them to throw, bat and hit. If you want your child to read, you read to them. If you want them to be musical; sing, dance & play with them. Come and learn how we do this effectively!

For booking into Term 1 2023 please book and pay here for the deposit for this term.  Once this has been paid, your child's spot is secure and you will receive an invoice for the remaining term amount before term starts, to be paid when term begins. You will also receive an email for more details on your child. You are more than welcome to fill out an enrolment form here too. 



Toddlers Make Music

Big Kids Make Music

Q & A

Do i have to stay in the classes?

Yes 🙂 Even with our slightly older children, we find it beneficial for parents to stay in the classes because you can learn and have fun too! With only 45 minutes a week, we can't expect our kids to remember it all through the week so we ask our parents to stay in and practice a little at home (even if it's just singing along in the car.) 

This being the case, we ask parents to participate and join in as much as they feel comfortable doing so. Children watch and follow their parents - they'll copy what you do - so if you're on your phone, I can guarantee your child won't be participating as much as if you joined in with them.