Ukulele Online Workshops

Can't make it in person to a workshop? No problem! 
These online programs are for you!

*4 Workshops in the MEGA bundle or Purchase single ones!*

1 . Ukulele BEGINNERS Workshop
Traditionally run in-person, this course covers everything you need to know to start playing the ukulele – from strumming to basic chords, chord progressions and 16 songs.
You’ll be playing in no-time! Originally designed for adults, YES children 7 and up can use this program too (but may need extra support to start.)

Normally this is a 5-hr workshop run in one day session in Perth, WA but as that’s not happening until 2025 (hello maternity leave!) I thougth I’d create a program online for you to start your journey.

What’s Included?

  • Over 2-hours of EASY to follow, broken-down video segments that tell you exactly what you need to know including how to hold the ukulele, where to put your fingers,  how to strum + more.
  • 16 Songs – easy to play, easy to learn, take YOUR time!
  • An innovative, new way of playing that will make remembering songs and chords easy.
  • Video-answers to those burning questions like: What ukulele should I buy? What if I’m left-handed? Why do my strings sound dull? Why does my wrist hurt when I play? And others!
  • A PDF Booklet with all the details and songs for you to print yourself (there are some available in person, $17 incl. postage or $10 pick-up)
  • A professional teaching you in an engaging manner, encouraging you along the way
  • One year access to the videos (ends Dec. 31st 2024), lifetime access to the booklet. 

Why This Course?
Isn’t YouTube free? Free does not mean quality…there are LOTS of great teachers out there and LOTS of terrible content too.

When you learn something incorrectly you have to unlearn and relearn it…that takes a LOT of time, patience and tears. It’s better to learn it correctly the first time!

Also, this program is a step-by-step process that has been honed over the last 5 years, tested on over 500 students. You can see the reviews at the bottom! The online videos were the next step, as sometime things are forgotten after a full day... These videos are designed to help you completely and fully learn a song, with helpful reminders along the way!  

"This is an amazing online program! It's delivered with all the energy and fun of your face to face workshops. Love, love, love it! I hope there are many more online programs to come! Definitely recommend buying this online program!!!!!" D. Montgomery, Perth 

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2. The Intermediate

What’s Included?

  • Over 1.5hrs of video segements breaking down everything you need for taking it to the next level.
  • 7 Songs that are fun to play but bump it up a notch (including Over the Rainbow) 
  • Simple, fun ways to remember those tricky chords 
  • New ways to play that means you'll learn in no time.
  • One year access to the videos (ends Dec. 31st 2024), a lifetime access to the booklets. 

3. The Christmas Workshops
If you know the basics, want a bit more or just LOVE singing Christmas Carols you’ve come to the right place (even though Christmas is done for 2023, by purchasing the MEGA Bundle you'll have access for a full year!)

What’s Provided?

  1. Over 1.5hrs of videos in each workshop, explaining the step-by-step process of how to play each song, broken down into manageable videos.
  2. A sing-a-long video at the end to play along with, practice with and sing with, so you’re not alone!
  3. One year access to the videos (ends Dec. 31st 2024), lifetime access to the booklet
  4. A PDF Booklet that includes:
    • A Chord Chart with every chord you’ll need for these workshops
    • Recap sessions with basic strumming, picking & chord connections
    • All 7 carols in each workshop (14 carols in total)
    • Every carol clearly labelled with:
      • What chords you’ll need
      • How many beats per bar
      • Where the beats fall, on which word
      • Different strumming or picking techniques for beginners through to more advanced playing.

Workshop 1 Carols include:

  1. Joy to the World
  2. Up on the Housetop
  3. Silent Night
  4. Jingle Bells
  5. Feliz Navidad
  6. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  7. Oh Holy Night

Workshop 2 Carols include:

  1. Away In a Manger
  2. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
  3. Hark the Herald Angels Sing
  4. We Three Kings
  5. Deck the Halls
  6. Here Comes Santa Claus
  7. We Wish You A Merry Christmas

“Amy is AMAZING. Such a clear teacher. Fantastic!” S. Samsa

Sounds Great - Now What?
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Beginners, IntermediateChristmas Workshop 1, Workshop 2 or the MEGA BUNDLE (all of them.)
(Christmas 1 & 2 are independent of each other and work together so you can do one, or both!)

Click on the link, enter your details and pay.
Once payment has been confirmed a link will be sent to you in the next 24-48hrs granting you access to the PDF's and Videos. 

If you need a school-license or similar, please contact me at to arrange. 

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What You’ll Need:

  1. A ukulele
  2. A tuner (so your strings are in tune)
  3. A strap (preferred to make it easier to hold your ukulele)
  4. A printer to print off the booklet and have it in front of you when learning

Do I Need to Already Play the Ukulele?
No! You don't need ANY pre-knowledge at all for the beginners. If you have some, that's ok too! 

strongly suggest everyone starts at the beginners unless you can comfortably and quickly get between all your chords. Even then...there's tidbits in the Beginners you may not have known.

Can I Skip and JUST do the Christmas Carols?
Yeeeess.... It might just take you a little longer to get some of the basics down.

I do (BRIEFLY) walk you through the chords, strumming and how to hold your ukulele so you can play even if you’re a total beginner but it’s HIGHLY recommended that you do the beginners course (and even intermediate) if you can first.

If you’re not in Perth, Australia, these courses will be online. If you are in Perth, Australia, come along to one of these workshops in 2025!

Do I Need to Be Able to Sing:

You WILL need to sing along at home as you go (where no one has to hear you) – but you don’t have to have a perfect voice (mine certainly isn’t!).

You do need to sing so you can keep the timing and the beat as you go. It takes a bit of practice so don’t expect to get it straight away. It’s why I sing for you at the end of the videos so you can play and practice with me.

What If I Make Mistakes?
I do! All the time! Never fear…practice makes progress!

“Amy is great. She is patient and supportive and her teaching style accommodates to everyone with different needs.” Jo

Any other queries that haven't been answered above: 
Please allow 24-72hrs for a response as I'm a mum of 2 + pregnant with our 3rd!

**All copyright is to Amy Nicole's Music Studio and any items given MUST NOT BE COPIED**

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Ukulele Workshops In Person


just a few Words from the day

“So much fun and laughter. Amazing fun. Amy is such a wonderful teacher and explains all you need.” J. Bryant 

“A fantastic introduction to ukulele. Amy was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and made the course lots of fun.” C. Craggs

“Amy has a wonderful way of teaching and supporting everybody at the same time.”
D. McLean

“Such a fun class; presented in an easy to understand way. Plenty of time given to practice what was taught in class. Amy is such a fun teacher. Left wanting more.”
Melinda Craggs 

“A brilliant day of learning at a good pace and tailored for all levels. A great refresher for those who have not played in a while. A very fun and welcoming environment!”
H. Moran 

“Amy makes you feel comfortable and capable - now I’m motivated to put in the effort - thank you.” A. Davey 

“Extremely well organised day hosted by an excellent teacher.” Carol-Ann Coad

“Today has renewed my determination to learn the ukulele. I had forgotten how much fun it is!” Bev Smith, Perth 

“Amy’s ukulele workshop is a fantastic opportunity for anyone - even the least musical - to quickly learn in just one fun & engaging day.” Justine Moorman

“Amy is a master teacher. I loved the “hands on” and engaging workshop. Now I can play the uke!” K. Jansze

“Absolutely brilliant class. Can’t wait to use it with my Kindy/Pre-primary students.”
S. Chant, Cunderdin

“This was so fun and it is such a confidence builder hearing my progress at the end :)”
J. Plummer

“It was such an awesome session, being able to play 15 songs within hours!” WL Wong

“Amy is great. She is patient and supportive and her teaching style accommodates to everyone with different needs.” Jo

“Learned so much in such a short time. Wouldn’t have imagined this before the workshop.” L.L

“Joyful time!” J.M.

“I went from having never picked up a stringed instrument to playing songs! It seems that an old dog can learn new tricks :)” Sarah R., Capel

“A wonderful experience for anyone - young or old, experienced or not. Give it a go. You may discover you love it!” Rebekah - Roleystone

“Amy was amazing. Really fun and engaging workshop with real-time applicable skills to take into the school/class.” K. Auld 

“Amy was very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and helpful from emails prior to the day through to the end of our workshop.” L. Clifford

“Go ahead and do it! Amy was an amazing presenter and musician, the time flew by and I’ve found myself a new, relaxing & rewarding hobby for ‘me’ time and enriched my classroom.” S.V., Perth

“Amy was an enthusiastic and engaging tutor. She made me feel as though I could achieve anything after such a short time!” Madeleine Wheeler, Karratha 

“This is an easy to learn, fast and fun course which leaves me able to play a lot!”
A. Chamberlain, Tapping 

“The most fun professional learning day!” 

“Amazing & fun professional learning. I cannot wait to wait my ukulele into Kindy!”
P. Hawthorne 

“Thank you Amy, a fun workshop that left me feeling revitalised with a new skill I can use everyday! Wonderful!” M. Sulak

“I went from pessimism to optimism within 2 hours. With practice, I’m looking at the Wembley stadium!” Simon M. - “rock god”