Piano Lessons

For anyone aged 7 years and older

Piano lessons are for anyone who is over the age of 7. I have had students ranging from 7 all the way to over 70! You're never too old to start learning, and I particularly love teaching my adult students as they understand my jokes a bit more than my 7-year olds do!

Why i teach what i teach
I was classically trained (this note is this note and that note is over here, playing one-hand songs like Mary had a Little Lamb etc.) which was well and good and I enjoyed myself. However, I know of many, many friends of mine who started learning and stopped pretty much soon after with lots of tears. It was hard to learn this way, although not impossible.

Then I discovered Simply Music from my piano teacher who, after many years teaching classically, changed to this method. It was fun, it was engaging, it was interactive and most of all - it kept students wanting to practice and keep coming back!

So what is simply musiC?

Simply Music is a playing-based method where the songs teach you as you go. Students get to play great quality and a large quantity of songs from memory. It also allows creativity to flow, as you’re not worried about what’s on the page all the time.

If the end goal is reading music and that’s all we focus on, then a student will be a good reader, but not necessarily a good musician. A good musician is well-rounded and can play all styles, genres, compose and create, arrange and play with feeling (dynamics) as well as a great sense of timing and rhythm. It’s not just about reading, which is why I love the idea of leaving the reading part until your hands know what to do!

We cover pop, blues, classical, jazz, gospel and accompaniment as well as much more. Playing hands-together with great sound from the get-go.

The first year is focused on playing, the second year is on reading and the third year is on theory, as a generalization. From there the foundation is set to learn greater pieces in harder styles. Of course knowledge and musicality is weaved all the way through.

It’s a fun way to learn with rewards (stickers/stamps) and theme weeks plus a concert. Parents are in the lessons too and we play games and sing a long so that it’s an interactive class.

Please contact me directly for lesson times as these are in high demand and spots are extremely limited.
If your child is under 7, please check out the other classes as these lead into piano lessons!

Simply Music Piano

Q & A

What If I'm not musical? 

There is no such thing as not musical! We walk in time. Clap in time. Talk with cadance and rhythms and tonality. We are unavoidably musical in every way. I believe that everyone should learn music, the same way we learn to read and write. Some people become authors - others write shopping lists. Some people will happily play at home, others will become concert pianists or composers. Everyone has the ability to play music, it is entirely up to you how well you do that...but you are musical!