Big Kids Make Music

for Kiddles 3, 4, 5 & 6 years old

Designed for our bigger kids (3-6 year olds) these classes are made to engage your big kid with different styles of music. We understand the older they get, the more their sponge-like minds can absorb so we use every tool at our fingertips to help them soak up as much as they can in a really fun way.

WHAT we do in class

Music stimulates all areas of the known brain and in these classes we specifically work with:

- Orff instruments (xylophones, glockenspiels etc.) to create ensembles, teamwork and listening for cues
- teaching to match pitch (helping their singing!) - the older they get (8+) the harder it is to retrain vocal chords. Starting younger means the range they were born with (a big one!) is utilised and encouraged.
- timing & beat
- awareness of chord & instrument changes
- instrument recognition
- forms of music
- using rhythmic language (e.g. tremolo and tempo) as a pre-cursor to reading music.
- musical concepts of soft/loud, high/low and slow/fast
- freedom of expression and so much more.

We also teach all children that their contribution is valuable in class, be it a noise, a sound, or part of a song.

Big Kids continues into Young Musicians and so on. If your child is 7 years or older, they can head into piano lessons. All my classes aren't one-off; they are part of a program designed to follow them through their years, eventually encouraging children to learn the piano with Simply Music (see piano lessons).

If you want your child to be good at sports; you teach them to throw, bat and hit. If you want your child to read, you read to them. If you want them to be musical; sing, dance & play with them. Come and learn how we do this effectively!

Come along for a free trial class, just let me know via the contact form, or the phone number above. Also, feel to ask any other questions you may have! 


Kids Make Music

Piano Lessons

Q & A

Can 3 year olds and 6 year olds work together?

This class is designed for slightly older children, but an older 3 year old could happily join in with what is required. Even in the classes, we adjust instruments or instructions to match your child's capabilities, all the while giving them new challenges. An older child, around 6, would be encouraged to play more difficult sections than a 3 year old would, but they can all work together in an ensemble and work well as one!