Babies Make Music

for cuties 0-18 months


Toddlers Class


Classes for babies to runners (around 18 months) these classes are designed to engage your baby with different styles of music, movement and puppets.


WHAT the lessons are about?

Music stimulates all areas of the known brain and in our classes we specifically work with:

- the vestibular system (balance co-ordination)
- beat & timing
- teaching babies to match pitch (helping their singing!) by learning through imitation
- using rhythmic language as a pre-cursor to reading music.
- vision and perception
- freedom of expression and so much more.

We also teach not only babies, but all children that their contribution is valuable; be it a noise, a sound, or part of a song.

Babies Make Music continues on into Toddlers Make Music. Our classes are part of the Simply Music Rhapsody Program, designed to follow on through their years and eventually encouraging children to learn the piano with Simply Music (see piano lessons).

From Lynn Kleiner (creator of Music Rhapsody): 
"Research has shown that babies, from fetus to toddler, respond intuitively to music and benefit from it. Naturally and instinctively responding to music, the infant and toddler exposed to music can later concentrate and learn more quickly, showing advanced verbal skills, vocabulary, and coordination. Research has also shown that music for very young children generates neural connections, enhancing higher brain functions that enable a child to reason in subjects such as math, physics, and engineering.
Early exposure to rhymes, tickle games, songs, and instruments reinforce core first-year developmental milestones such as eye contact, object permanence, and bonding. Babies become aware of the sights and sounds around them which aids in language emergence and focus. Floor activities help to naturally develop babies’ core strength and social skills with other babies as it provides stimulation of the vestibular system."

For booking into Term 1 2023 please book and pay here for the deposit for this term. Once this has been paid, your child's spot is secure and you will receive an invoice for the remaining term amount before term starts, to be paid when term begins. You will also receive an email for more details on your child. You are more than welcome to fill out an enrolment form here too. 

Q & A

isn't my baby too young?

There is no such thing as too young! I'd love to encourage mothers who are pregnant to play all sorts of music to their growing baby because of the impact it has on their brain. Newborns take in much more than we can comprehend just because they cannot communicate it yet.

Did you know that a 1 year old will respond more to music they heard in the womb? The younger babies start, the more it's ingrained in them!