FAQ on Piano Lessons

What do you teach?



I’ve been learning for over 24 years now, teaching for 13 of those and although classically (traditionally) trained, I have also studied contemporary at WAAPA and jazz. I am a composer so spend a lot of time writing music (or used to before my children were born!) I teach Simply Music rather than traditional because it is SO much more fun and encourages great musicians (not just music-readers).

Simply Music 
is a playing-based method where the songs teach you as you go. Students get to play great quality and a large quantity of songs from memory. It also allows creativity to flow, as you’re not worried about what’s on the page all the time. (www.simplymusic.com)

If the end goal is reading music and that’s all we focus on, then a student will be a good reader, but not necessarily a good musician. A good musician is well-rounded and can play all styles, genres, compose and create, arrange and play with feeling (dynamics) as well as a great sense of timing and rhythm. It’s not just about reading, which is why I love the idea of leaving the reading part until your hands know 
what to do!

We cover pop, blues, classical, jazz, gospel and accompaniment as well as much more. Playing hands-together with great sound from the get-go.

The first year is focused on playing, the second year is on reading and the third year is on theory as a generalization. From there the foundation is set to learn greater pieces in harder styles. Of course knowledge and musicality is weaved all the way through.

It’s a fun way to learn with rewards (stickers/stamps) and theme weeks plus a concert. Parents are in the lessons too and we play games and sing a long so that it’s an interactive class.



Monday afternoons from 2.20pm-7.15pm  - BOOKED OUT
Tuesday afternoons from 2.30-6.45pm - BOOKED OUT
You're more than welcome to email me to join the waiting list. 

Please contact me directly to arrange a time. I am usually fully booked with piano students, but will try to help where I can and if I can't, I'll find someone who can. 



1. Group Lessons: $33
(2-3 students is 30 minutes, 4-5 students is 45mins)

2. Private Lessons: $42.40
(one-on-one with me, 30 minutes)

NOTE: Fees are paid by term and invoiced at the start of term. If you will have difficulty paying this on time, please let me know as I would rather make alternative arrangements or payment plans with you than have your or your child miss out.



Yes I do - to 0-6 year old classes ONLY or through arrangement for piano. 

4 kids – 25% off total fees
3 kids – 15% off total fees
2 kids – 10% off total fees



Please read the enrolment form for more information on the Simply Music stance. What you are paying for is your spot, so no one else can take your time. As such, if you don’t turn up, I am still here and still waiting for you at your appointed time as I cannot give it away to another student. It’s the same as rentals or school fees, you pay to keep the spot J Please also keep in mind, I have very limited time and a waiting list.


However, as I am an independent studio, I like to be as fair as possible, so I actually do have one group make-up lesson at the end of term so if you miss a class, you can come along to that because I realise we can’t control sickness!

Additionally, if you know you’re going away on holiday, please tell me before the invoice is paid as I will remove that from your invoice.



I do try my hardest to be fair to both you, and me!