For anyone wanting to learn more...


I run one-off workshops for a variety of reasons; you only need to ask! 

I have previously run classes on composition, choral harmonies, music & the brain and music in the classroom.


 Looking for inspiration?
Been doing it for years but could use something new?
Perhaps new to early years?
Sick of the same songs?

Music touches every part of the known brain and it is amazing how a bit of intentional Music education every day can enhance a child’s learning in all areas of education.

Come learn how short, simple ideas to put music into the classroom, everyday, not just the usual dancing or singing, but the actual why & what. I have some new tips & 10-minute ideas to easily insert into your programs for 2019 and beyond!

(PART A) SATURDAY 9th November for 2.5hrs and only $75*.

*Early Bird $60 (before October 21st) Includes course booklet with all information & tips.
VENUE: TBC (Central to Perth)
TIME: 9.30am-12.15pm
DATE: Saturday 9th November
COST: $75 ($60 before Oct 21st)

(PART B & PART C) Early 2019 - Please register interest for this early using the contact form below.

Early Bird $60 (before June 21st)


(Imagine having small groups where you EA can do music sections with your students!)


Q & A

How much are the workshops?

As workshops vary in duration, attendance, materials required, information and days - the costs vary too. Please contact me for more information and to discuss about what you'd like in your workshop. If I can help in any way, I will try my hardest to accommodate for your workshop!