Beginners & ALL Mega Bundle

$285.00 $155.00



What’s Included?

ALL THE WORKSHOPS which is over 6.5 hours of videos (broken down, numbered, labelled and very easy to follow!)

The BEGINNERS Workshop


The INTERMEDIATE Workshop (Pre-order, link to videos will arrive Dec. 2023)


Christmas Workshop 1&2


  • Over 2-hours of EASY to follow, broken-down video segments that tell you exactly what you need to know including how to hold the ukulele, where to put your fingers,  how to strum + more.
  • 16 Songs – easy to play, easy to learn, take YOUR time!
  • An innovative, new way of playing that will make remembering songs and chords easy.
  • A PDF Booklet with all the details and songs for you to print yourself (there are some available in person, $17 incl. postage or $10 pick-up)
  • A professional teaching you in an engaging manner, encouraging you along the way.


  1. Over 1.5hrs of videos in each workshop, explaining the step-by-step process of how to play each song, broken down into manageable videos.
  2. A sing-a-long video at the end to play along with, practice with and sing with, so you’re not alone!
  3. One year access to the videos (ends Dec. 31st 2024), lifetime access to the booklet
  4. A PDF Booklet that includes:
    • A Chord Chart with every chord you’ll need for these workshops
    • Recap sessions with basic strumming, picking & chord connections
    • All 7 carols in each workshop (14 carols in total)
    • Every carol clearly labelled with:
      • What chords you’ll need
      • How many beats per bar
      • Where the beats fall, on which word
      • Different strumming or picking techniques for beginners through to more advanced playing.